I got to get me one of those!!

I remember dreaming about doing wheelies in my 03 when I was fifteen...  then I thought it took a "Porsche engine"...   some years later I realised that a HOT type 1 engine is way cooler than any heavy missfitting six cylinder engine....   and now Johannes Persson of http://www.jpmotorsport.se/ shows us how!  A stock 1303, with all the trimmings..  even hubcaps! But the engine is something special, a 2332 I think, with Mikuni carbs...  no NOS...  and he uses this car daily...   it does mid twelve's... and may show up at SCC!
BTW, Johannes is THE man for hot head's.

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Awesome! Just awesome!

Gepost door: Jøran | 26-07-05

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