Slow times on my blog??

Maybe, but my updates on www.cal-look.no is far more frequent...  one Norwegian VW freak each day until Scandinavian Cal-look Classic,  It's a tough job...  only 4 million people in Norway... and only a handfull owns hot VW's....   but it's starting to resemble a "who is who"....  check it out...!
I stopped at a garage last night and snapped a few pictures of a Oval, it used to be a Oval at least...   "Assy" has fitted a 915 Porsche gearbox, "big reds" from a Porsche 993, computer controlled fuel injected 2,7 litre Type 4... and 17 inches of cup wheels.... and every chassis mod in the book...   
BTW the speed limit in Norway is 100 km/h... :-)   

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But no bus snubbers..... :-)

Dam, this look like business to me! Keep on with the good work.

Gepost door: Kalle | 10-08-05

that's a real one hey snow man, that's a real beetle... porsche brakes, big T4... not a dude cal looker.... ;-)

that a real killer.... I love it..

Gepost door: the rookie | 02-09-05

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