One year of blogging!

Seems like I've been doing this blog for a long time now... but today 15.11.2005 this blog is one year old! That's one year of Friday Gassers...  didn't really think I would have enough for a whole year but I still got some stashed away...   keep watching this space!  

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happy birthday happy birthday johnny and and continues your blog is great

Gepost door: speedwell | 15-11-05

Grattis!!!!! Gratulerer med 1 år på bloggen din:)
Du har vært flink og postet mye interresant:) tjihiiiii.....
(ps: Vegard har også bursdag idag, fniis, fniis:)
Sees på lørdag!

Gepost door: Therese | 15-11-05

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! keep on blogging!!! make those fridays special!!! LOVE GASSSERDAY!

and Vegard happy birthday too!

Gepost door: Kobus | 16-11-05

I am looking forward..... .....to many gasserdays in the next year too. Keep it up Johnny!!!

Gepost door: Jøran | 17-11-05

Keep on going, Keep up the good work.....!!!! I love Gasser Friday!!!!!!

Gepost door: Gusty | 17-11-05

It's friday agen. GASSER TIME!
Keep up the good work!


Gepost door: Fritte | 18-11-05

Happy Birthday to your blog! I'm here EVERY Friday to get my dose rate of gassers for the weekend. Good work!


Gepost door: Ole | 18-11-05

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