Hiding Inch Pincher one!

Not a good photo, I have a better somewhere... but it will do for now...! I have another photo showing the same backyard in a different angle which shows the Inch pincher II which appears to be taken the same day. The body of IP1 is seen in the shadows.

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backyard I guess this is the photo you're talking about


Gepost door: Ole | 23-11-05

Great! Thats the one... looks like it's out of a book, or is this one from UltraVW?
Think I have seen it in print....

Gepost door: Johnny Fox | 24-11-05

CLF somebody posted it some time ago at the cal-look.com forum. No idea about the book.... anyone?

Gepost door: Ole | 24-11-05

Just wondering Where the hell are these cars today!!???

Gepost door: Rune | 25-11-05

vintage racer The sports racer in the photo is Empi Crusader chassis #002. I have just finished a restoration on the car and will be vintage racing it in CVAR in 2006. Does anyone have more pictures of my car?

Gepost door: Cragg Eubanks | 29-11-05

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