Found in a Swedish forrest....  a 53 used as taxi back in the days...  It didn't want to leave I think...   

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TRAILER note the minilite wheels on the trailer ahhhhhhhhhhhhh very ugly wheels

Gepost door: speedwell | 29-11-05

Are you joking?? You must be...!

Gepost door: Johnny Fox | 29-11-05

crapp hey snowman, I will kick you next time I see you dude, GBI on the trailer!!!!!!!, or nothing.. minilite are for looser......

the french frogg

Gepost door: froggy GBI member | 02-12-05

Why does everyone think this is my car? Or trailer???

Don't get to cheaky Froggy, or I will post pictures of your TALBOT wheel trailer!!

Gepost door: Johnny Fox | 02-12-05

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