Only in Sweden?

How often do you see something like this on the public road??
There is something really special about this one too, can you spot it?

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Is it..... .....a two seater....chu-chu dragster?

Gepost door: Jøran | 30-11-05

Is it... street legal? A taxi? hehe...

Gepost door: kormi | 01-12-05

Is it...... Four wheel drive....?

Gepost door: Leffe | 01-12-05

"...Hey cabdriver, follow the car with the big wing and the chute, quick!...."

Gepost door: Ole | 01-12-05

2 people the car is a 2 zitter , 2 man driver???

Gepost door: leonard | 02-12-05

hehe streat racing he he

Gepost door: slangen | 06-12-05

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