I have heard the name "Whip it" many times. Ofcourse Eldubs fantastic page http://www2.cal-look.com/nostalgia/ , had a picture of it. But when he didn't explain it's heritage I thought I would...
Most of you have probably spottet it already... "Whip it" is actualy a repainted MOUSE TRAP! 

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RIGHT!!! & THANKS for the comments regarding my work! I really appreciate your blog too. Keep it up...

Well, to be complete regarding Mouse trap, Whip it is actually the same car, but Mouse Trap, Whip it and another name are the same car... 3 names, only what car... Who will be the first to find that third name? Post it there... Euuhhh, no gift... Sorry, only for fun ;)

Gepost door: El Dub | 03-12-05

is it? "wild thing"?

Gepost door: K | 03-12-05

I don't think so... ... Well, I have a picture of the car called CREAM DE SCREAM... I'll post it later... It sure worth a look...

Gepost door: El Dub | 05-12-05

I'm looking forward to it...! You know El Dub, next to Keith Seumes Cal-look Bibel, your Nostalgia page is the ONLY place for a serious nostalgia Gasser/Cal-look fix!

Us average guys around the world, which are drooling over your old photos, are TRULY gratefull!
Please keep it up!!

Gepost door: Johnny Fox | 06-12-05

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