Did you say PRE CAL-LOOK??!

New years is coming up...  and next year look like it's going to be a GOOD YEAR!!Some follow the common path, and some don't... they follow the "blue streak"

Jupp, it's Norwegian.. 

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BADAAAAASSS!!!! Love this TirePorn! got some pics of the complete car???

Gepost door: Kobus | 05-12-05

You know... I think the owner was soo happy with this "PAM" photo, that he forgot to shoot the whole car...

Gepost door: Johnny Fox | 06-12-05

understandable! so? is that color some kind of maroooon??? :-)

Gepost door: k | 06-12-05

Or.... Is it perhaps more like the fine wines of Bordeaux?....

Gepost door: Anders | 16-12-05

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