It's friday AND Christmas! HO HO HOOO!!!

That means gassers...!! This one is kinda like Santa when you think of it, haven't been seen in many years, but we hope he's still around...  and if we are really good, we will find him again!

Merry Christmas to you all!!

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MERRY CHRISTMAS hey johnny i wouls like to wish you a merry christmas my friend and more cool picture friday next watch out :-))))))))))))

Gepost door: speedwell | 23-12-05

HO HOOOOO........Merry X-mas WOW!!!! That's my favorite Inch Pincher photography of all time. I would say, take the stickers away and it’s a true Cal-look car in all aspects from the mid 60’s!!! Way to go!!!

Gepost door: Sven-Olof Brorsson | 23-12-05

Merry Xmas to the land of Santa! May your stocking be filled with old original perfomance parts :-)

Gepost door: Kobus | 24-12-05

God Jul Mr. Fox See you in 2006 :-)

Gepost door: Jøran | 26-12-05

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