Thanks for the old and all the best wishes for the new!!

The era of the gassers seem more and more like ancient history for every year that passes, but at the same time it's closing in too...  just think about it, there are more and more cars being resurrected from the dead...  and imported from the states too...  just the other night I witnessed the first cuts in a shell here in Norway...  one roofshop more coming up... strange car to... had some weird holes in front of the doors.... ;-)  All this can only mean one thing... the Seventies are returning!!  BTW check out the tires the Lowry's are using in this picture... is that a low profile or what??
Have a good new years eve everyone, and I hope I'll see you all in 2006!  

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Have A GOOOOOD YEAR!!! with loads of Gasers and Tireporn! see ya in 06!

Gepost door: Kobus | 30-12-05

greetings happy new year 2006 and more old picts on the blog keep up the good works

Gepost door: speedwell | 30-12-05

Happy New Year Mr. Fox. Eller Godt Nytt År påsan, som det heter på Norsk!

Gepost door: Jøran | 30-12-05

Happy New Year:) Godt nytt-år til deg JHU:)
Nå går det fort til sommer , sol og bobletreff, weeeeeeee:)

Klemmer fra Therese.

Gepost door: Therese | 31-12-05

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Happy new year from the OTTO Brothers

Gepost door: lenard | 31-12-05

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