Friday at last!

Took some time to make this post with the scanning and all, but I hope you like it.


The centre of attention today is Øystein Lindahl, from the small town of Tønsberg here in Norway.



Since the very early eighties Øystein had been firmly hooked to the whole Cal-look thing. He built numerous cal-looker during the eighties (Remember the black 67 from some weeks ago?), and in 1986 he decided to have a go at Dragracing with a 60 bug he got hold of. The car was striped down to the bare essentials and a rollcage was fitted.


The engine was originally built by Trimco in Stockholm and was bought unused from a guy in Oslo. It was left untouched for the first year but he later rebuilt it using a Scat 74 crank with type 4 mains.  The crank was turned by "chevy" 5.7 rods working inside Cima 94 mm barrels, producing a 2165 cc. The 42x37.5 valves in the super flow heads was under the strict hand of a Gene Berg 316 camshaft. On top of the ported Superflow heads sat a pair of the ever cool 48 IDA's. The distributor was a 050 with a "red" Bosch coil. Before taking place i the car, the engine spent the winter inside by the tv. How's that for a entertainment system?


This is the car ready for street and strip in the spring of 87


And the secret weapon!

Later that year Øystein packed up the racer and headed for Santapod.

Waiting at the staging line at the "Pod"


Off the line:


Is that a struggling GTO in the right lane?? It has a fierce gasser look to the suspension anyway.

Had to include this night racing picture.

For the 88 season Øystein pulled it all apart and took aim for the G/MS class. The car was repainted in black metallic without the clear.


The engine seems to have received a magneto to! Look's very familiar to me... :-)

On the picture above you can see his(?) many gearboxes. The main one he used was built around a Gene Berg set of gears (3,77 - 2,22 - 1,48 - 1,14) and a Crown super diff with a 4,375:1 R&P

The next picture must have been taken on GIR

This is Øystein at Mantorp Park in Sweden... proper racer looks!


This is how the car appeared in VW Magazinet Nr 2 in 89. Notice the Firestone Slicks!


Øystein did a personal best of 11.8 at Santapod at the Quartermile, and a best of 7.4 at Mantorp Park. In 1989 Øystein held the European record for the class G/MS with a 12.21 ET.  In 91 he decided to give up racing, but no one was interested in buying a racer, what to do? Well Øystein managed to get the engine sold, and tore the car down again!!

Out with the alu sheets and roll cage... and in with a full interior and a new smooth dash in steel (the race one was in alu). He converted to IRS and painted it black with fully polished Porche 2-litre wheels. The car was a big hit at the shows, and was later sold.

It pretty much looks exactly like this today.


Puuh...  Now you know more than most about the "early racing" in Norway... at least the part concerning Øystein Lindahl!

Thanks for lending me your personal pictures Øystein.    



For those of you that reads Swedish, here's an article from VW magazinet:



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Well, we have all seen pictures of the gassers, let's step it up a notch, here you have a VIDEO of two gassers! The Tar Babe and The Pink Panther racing!





You may not recognize Tar Babe, but it's under the red paint somewhere.

This is the evolution of the Tar Babe, the big picture was taken recently.


This is it back in the day:


And finally The Pink Panther back in the day:


The Pink Panther looks exactly the same to this time, but now it has moved to Germany and is in the loving hands of Ole Endler. It was Ole who sent me this Video which he in turn got from Mario Bamboa jr., the son of Mario Bamboa of Grillos Racing - Mexico. The video was recorded somewhere in Mexico,  in the 80's. Mario is the current owner of the legendary Tar Babe. When Tar Babe was sold in

1972, it was painted red, like seen in this video. The driver of  Pink Panther ought to be Memo Moreno, I'm not sure who drove Tar Babe. It could be Pancho Mendoza, the builder of Pink Panther or Mario Gamboa. Later Tar Babe was painted black/red, then red/white and finally black again.




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The mercury is low today

Not to many busses on my blog...  well here's the Mercury pannel...  wouldn't last a year in Norway though...



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Swedish Cal-look!

Oscar better known as "Slangen" sendt me this picture....  He's done a 12.1 with it, thanks to a Brorsson 2332 engine. Looks good....  and he's comming to SCC to kick some butt!


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Friday at last!! GASSER TIME!!!

I found these pictures on my hard drive... The big one without any text I got from all gasser fiends knight in shining armour, Speedwell! Here you see the "race shop ghia" thru the years... or the "Wonderbug II" as it really was named! Enjoy!


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Sometime in 1967 the police in the city of Norrköping, Sweden, found a small convertible in a parking lot. The car had been left there by a man who had moved back to Austria after some years. The car had newer received Swedish plates so the car was sent of to the scrap heap. But the little VW was saved by a drag racer called "Lars". He was looking for a lightweight body for his GASSER project, the VW fitted the bill perfectly. It received a 600hp Mustang 427 Cobra Jet engine and a Ford rear axle, to further improve weight to power ratio a pair of fibreglass rear fenders and a Fiberglas front end. And a functional but hideous air scoop in the front with the headers straight out of the side panels. The driver position was moved to the center in the rear and the windscreen was removed. The whole lot was then painted in purple. The performance was reported to be a respectable 3 second 0-100km/h but I don't know the best ET's.

These pictures are from Start & Speed and from the private archives of "Lars" and Willy Berg. Scanned and provided by Oystein Asphjell.



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What we recognise now, is that the car the Police found on the parking lot was in fact a Heb' !

It's pretty easy to see in this otherwise sooo cool photo. note the molded rear bumper and the cage... cool in a non purist way!



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The obvious question that comes to mind is, WHERE is it today...?? This is where the story takes a turn for the worse... "Lars" stopped racing the car in 1970 and sometime later he sold of the engine. The remains was crushed by a digger and buried in a landfill. Before you bring out your shuffles, "Lars" built his garage over the spot. And take it form me, he is FED UP by VW enthusiasts calling and asking about the car... he WILL hang up on you!



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The summer is too short!!

The guys throwing Le Bug Show decided on a date today...  26-27th of August...  that's the same date as for Scandinavian Cal-look Classic. To bad, I will not like to miss the gratest show on earth... but I will have to. On the other hand I DO like the serious racing and the wheelies at SCC so it's not all bad news...! How a about a caravan down to DDD the weekend after??




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