While you read this I'm on my way to Volksworld show...  Hope to see some cool cars there...and maybe a gasser or two?? I will post pictures in the weeks that follow...
Here's the Anderson Brothers... looks like they are having some problems...?

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Look behind the scenes of a Cal-looker!

Join "Slangen" for a ride in the deep Swedish forests! Drag racing, Street racing and wheelies... what more could you possibly ask for?  ...other than a faster internet connection? ...the movie is 158mb!

And "slangen" says; "See you all this summer!!"

Right-click and save!




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Another Friday... GASSERTIME!!

This time, it's Scooter's trusted "Bug Magic"... this car looks the same today!!

"Inspired" paint job ;-) Some would call it SMOKING!!



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Friday at last!!

I received a phone call today from a gasser builder.... the flakes will fly soon!

And by looking on our European cal-look forum... the Lounge, it seems this will become a good year Cal-look wise, and GASSER wise!!


Here’s another unknown gasser from back in the day! Cool sign writing on this one!




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Let's go back in time...  and investigate the king of all Scandinavian gassers!

The St'Moritz Fashion a.k.a. Häcken Hugo a.k.a. EKG Bubblan!


Year by year is the easiest way to do this... as the history is still somewhat blurry at its points... as is the memories of those involved ;-)


The car was built sometime prior to the -76 season by the two postmen Eric Lindgren and Göran Nilsson and their friend Leif Lövendahl. The engine was built by Claes "Trimco" Ebbenäs, a 82x92 costing 11500,-  It had heavily ported heads with 44/37 Manley valves and straightened exhausts. As you can see in this "spy" picture by Kim Riishede, taken in -78!



They raced the car at Bulltofta in 76 but managed to break lose the flywheel from the Okrasa crank. It was then replaced with a Volkstroker from Scat, but they broke that one to, same problem it seems. The 220!! hp was to much. For They then decided to go for 69x88 engine instead, as they didn't think it would loose that much hp. The gearbox got a welded spool and Berg ratios, 4.125 R&P and 3.8 / 2.059 / 1.556 /1.17.

In the first season (76) they raced it in red primer, but during the winter of 77 the car was painted by a artist called Pirk. The car was then displayed at a HotRod show, as seen in the first picture. This is a picture of engine taken at the show by "Mettis", somehow, the exhaust looks completely different in this picture.. so it might be a mock up?



The name St' Moritz was actually the name of a jeans and ski (?) store owned by Mr Lindgren. They guys building it called it "Häcken Hugo". The car was totally gutted and had a tube suspension without brakes at the front.

During the -77 season, they even made a trip to Santapod to race.

This picture comes from Svarta-maskens homepage:



If you understand Swedish, check it out...   http://race68.com/moritz.htm


From what I gather the car lived just two seasons with this paint scheme, in 1979 it was repainted white after a very successful roofshop, as Mr Lindgren had left the team, a new sponsor was found in EKG (a auto parts chain).

It was then called the "EKG Bug" until the early eighties  This is a photo taken in 79 by a young Kim Riishede:



I recived this cool picture from Sven-Olof Brorsson, It's a scan from the old, now gone, car magazine "Start & Speed". If you got a collection of these look up issue 12 of 1979! Enjoy:




From 79 to 80 the story as a bit clouded... sometime in the very early eighties Hasse Lindholm bought the car without the engine. Hasse painted the car blue, but never raced the car. The engine was bought by Mats Herrlander.

Then racer Fredrik Reichel bought the car, he had been racing against the EKG bug many times in his OHC VW dragster known as PANK (meaning "flat broke"). By 1984 Fredrik, with the help of Mats Herrlander, had fitted the PANK engine into Häcken Hugo, as was renamed. This is how the car looked when Fredrik bought it. Picture by Rene Lokdam:




This picture is from later in 84, and as you can see, he has now fitted it with headlights. The best time with the PANK engine was a mid twelve.



Here are some pictures from Bug Run #2 -1985, photo Rene Lokdam





This picture was taken in 86 by either Mats Herrlander or Per Ericson, for once, no doubt about the year ;-)  And that's Fredrik in the shorts!



In 86 Fredric let Mats Herrlander borrow the car, and Mats fitted his 2332 Superflow engine. With the IDA carbs from the original engine.

Mats brought the cars to many races in Germany, and on one of his crusades he beat Jütting, a German with a turbocharged 2.7 litres type tube chassis car, supposedly the worlds fastest bug.



So, Fredrik Reichel had no problems selling the car to Germany in 1987.

One of the last pistures from Sweden, photo Per Ericson:



Once in Germany the new owner fitted a 2.6 litres T4 engine and painted it grey, but only raced it one time. It was then sold to Karl Heins Kremmling who painted it black, Per Ericson recalls seeing the car again at Maikäfertreffen around 1990, in black, with STOCK CHROME HUBCAPS ON THE CENTERLINES!! What a way to treat a gasser legend! Karl raced it only one time at Hockenheim. In 1993 Udo Becker bought the car and restored it. He found the front suspension not up to his standards so he fitted a stock framehead and suspension. It now runs with a owner built 2.4 Type 1 engine now. 


Thanks for the info Herr Becker!


This is a picture I took of it at SPA in 2005.



I wish to send a special thanks to Kim Riishede who has helped me immensely with putting together this story, also I would like to thank Per Ericson and Fredrik Reichel that has been twisting their brains the last two weeks! THANKS FOR SHARING!

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SCC/Cal-look.no has a new "Club house"

And you are invited into the "Lounge"!

If you feel that the fall is a long way of, you can do the next best thing... dream of the traction and shoot the breeze with other gear heads. And if you have questions, or just wants to hear the latest, check in too... Welcome into the Lounge everyone!

And why not enter your car into the new European TOP TEN lists??

Don't worry... we wont kick you out over stickers on the body... let's just have fun!





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"The worlds fastest Indian"


I saw Sir Anthony Hopkins in the new movie "The worlds fastest Indian" a couple of days ago. It's based on the true story of Burt Munro (1899-1978) and his 1920 Indian motorcycle... he was determined to make it go as fast as he could, and in 1962 I finally got it from his home in New Zealand to Bonneville, and managed to set a land speed record, and everything on a shoestring budget.. heck he even cast his own pistons...  a great film and a amazing story, I recommend it!  178.971 mph with a 40 year old 51 cu.in engine... not to bad ehh? And as for VW content... check out the type 3 in the background of his 1920 Munro Special!


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Gas gas gas!!! Gassertime!

Check chassis of the Small Wonder gasser...  seems so easy to do such a front suspension... and at the same time, SOO scary!!


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