Barndoors on the move

I found this picture in Bugbox's nice gallery of the french SuperVW meet.

This one was exported from my home town last fall. It is originaly from the west side of Norway, were it was used as a breadtruck, unfortunatly it rusted quite badly so it was converted to a camper at a early stage. At that time the rockers was swaped for carefully shaped logs!! and a wooden floor was laid to replace the rusted cargofloor. I think, and hope, the new owner will restore it back to stock, or atleast replace the wood.

How many barndors are left in norway??



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it's ours!!! Hi
We have bought this barndoor from Norway in December 2004, now it lives in France and don't worry, we look after it very well :-)

We didn't know about the history as a breadtruck! Do you know anymore? Any info would be very interesting to us!

Gepost door: Sam | 19-06-06

thanks snowman yes dude, that's the second bus comming from your frozen land to sweet home.... my dc and that barndoor.... thanks for all Jon.....


Gepost door: elroocky | 21-06-06

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