Beautifull numbers!!

Here's a favorite:



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Yeah...... That's 917-026.....came second in Le Mans 1971.
Next weekend i am going to the Le Mans Classic to see some of theese beast in action....can't wait!

Gepost door: Soddli | 28-06-06

Hey Soddli! I stumbled over a set of new break disk's the other day.... looked like hot shit... the owner claimed they were for a 917... are the brakes still made today??

Gepost door: Johnny Fox | 28-06-06

Heeeellllo Johnny! The first 917's used ATE brakes but recived Girling items in the middle 1970 season.
The 911 turbo (930) got 917-derivated 917 brakes for the 1978 model year....much likely it is such brakes you have come across.

Gepost door: Soddli | 28-06-06

Artig da.... ..at to grautskailla som dåkk snakke ængelsk sammen....ingen skjønne nå og nån skjønne ingenteng....takke mæ te!!

Gepost door: Leffe | 03-07-06

OOOOAAAHHH!!! YEAH! BABY YEAH!!! What a superb Number :-) yo, greets to all up in Norway from Southern Texas!

Gepost door: Kobus | 07-07-06

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