Futuro Houses

I found this cool picture while surfing around for info on the Futuro Houses, the house on the picture is called the "Venturo" and is a newer version of the fantastic Finnish Futuro House.. also called the UFO house.


The future takes plastic houses... and type threes... apparently! 



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WANTED!!!! Early Futuro House in restorable shape... all projects considered :-) Cash waiting!

Gepost door: Kobus | 28-07-06

Spotting! I stumbeled over one in a forrest last night... spooky... but COOL

One just like the one on the picture is for sale at 225000 norwegian here in Norway!

Gepost door: Johnny Fox | 29-07-06

WoW Do you have more info about the Venturo version? Or the one for sale...

Gepost door: Jelle | 29-07-06

LEGO Here you go.... like a box of legos!!

Gepost door: Johnny Fox | 30-07-06

it says SOLGD......... means Sold right??? Hope Fernando was the buyer :-)

Gepost door: kobus | 04-08-06

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