I have decided to stop the Gassertime streak here. I don't have the time this task deserves. If someone want's to take over, let me know :-)Last weekend we had the SCC, we had a great time, and for a few short days we were in heaven once again... So much cool people and so hot cars... and everyone you come up to has a opinion on our favourite subject CAL-LOOKERS!! Makes for great chit-chat!!The track was a bit under the weather this time, but when it was deemed OK, it was more than ok, sticky beyond belief...it eats gearboxes for lunch, but it's worth it when you se the ET's and the WHEELIES!!And Alien bug flies again... what a magic flying saucer this is.... I think I know what 72 felt like, you know, "the year roof chop's were in style"

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