Back in the saddle!

Between setting up the The Lounge and more recently the new ALL Norwegian VW forum, VWnorge there just hasn't been enugh time for my blog.

But the Lounge has has become a nice friendly get together for all European hard core Cal-look fans. But also has a surprisingly big American following, the member  list reads as a who is who of old school cal-look, and I'm not talking about the nineties "old School" either... these are the guys that started the biggest "look" of all time... namely Cal-look!

Get in the time machine!!

And remember that 2008's BIG event, the Scandinavian Cal-look Classic (SCC) is held on Northern Europe's fastest track Gardermoen Raceway 15-17. August. It's the big thing for Cal-look & Gasser fans, and has been for six years now.This years BIG change is the fact that we will have the whole arena to ourself, this means race to you puke, with a never before seen show and shine that will include everything from Schwimmwagens to mental resto lookers, yes from here on out, everyone will find their place at SCC!!

See you there!!


Best regards



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Nice picture, I know that big guy with shades....

Gepost door: Grelland | 28-12-07

Looking forward to it! '08 is going to be a BADASS VW Show Year! things only keep getting better! :-)

Gepost door: Kobus | 04-02-08

Linked up Hello!

You are linked up by Sechs volt!

Gepost door: Håkon | 07-11-08

Love those vintage cars!

Gepost door: Vinnie | 15-12-10

j'apprecie votre site internet et je me permet de mettre un lien vers le mien . n hesitez pas a visiter !

Gepost door: electricien paris | 24-02-15

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